The Empress of Uruguay

  • Originally discovered in Uruguay, it is now on display at The Crystal Caves in Australia.
  • It is 3 metres tall, and weighs in at 2.5 tonnes.
  • The geode is full of stunningly dark amethyst, but also has some wonderful calcite. Those dark amethyst are very valuable for their quality as jewellery.
  • If you go visit, not only do you get to gawk and take photographs, but you can actually touch it. Yes, they allow you to touch the minerals! How much better could it get?
  • The Empress is not for sale. bugger! Back in 2007, the owners of The Crystal Caves paid around 100,000 (US) for the initial buy + shipment/labour, and the specimen is now valued to be around 260,000 in US dollars.
  • As I said in my previous post - in 2011 - someone decided to vandalise the beauty. They were caught not long after, but the tennis sized chunks they broke off devalued the geode, and most importantly damaged an absolute natural wonder. (Sources: one, two, & three).
  • Don’t just go for The Empress of Uruguay though, because they have a massive collection with hundreds of specimens you can stare at!
  • Oh yeah, and the museum is built like a cave.

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Photos by The Crystal Caves. Check out their Flickr page!